What makes the Edit Collective different from all the other subscription services?

A: What makes us so unique is that we don't input your answers into a computer and have the computer program select your items. The owner, Jenifer, hand selects every single item in every single box. You get to pick how often you want the box and your budget. Plus you can change this as often as you want. This Edit Collective is truly all about YOU! Making this a one of a kind curated styling box service.

What if I decide to keep everything in the box?

A: Great! Then we did our job + you get 25% off the entire purchase! Congrats!

What if I want to send everything back? 

A: No problem! Simply put back in the original box or your own box and place the return label on it. Make sure all tags are attached and items have not been worn.

What items are not returnable?

A: If the box of the candle has been opened, you may not return it. Fragrances may be returned if the box has not been damaged and the product has not been used. 

My best friend’s birthday is coming up and I need to get her gift to her asap. Can I upgrade to expedited shipping? 

A: Absolutely! It’s not a problem. Simply select expedited shipping at checkout and pay the upgraded shipping cost.

Do you ship outside of the US?

A: You bet! However, we ask that you cover the shipping costs. These will be calculated at checkout.

What if I only want jeans in my collective box?

A: Great! Simply state that in the short styling quiz. Your wish is our command!

What if I want to mix business with casual? 

A: Not a problem! We are a curated styling collective. That’s what makes us so unique. Simply let us know in the short styling quiz that you would like a combo of work + play.

I don’t want to think about it and just want my collective box to be sent to me once a month. Is this possible? 

A: Yes! We customize shipments to each and every one of collective members. Simply let us know how often and we will make it happen.

What if I need to exchange for a different size?

A: Not a problem at all. Simply email info@jlandko.com explaining what you are wanting to exchange and for what size. Package your item(s) up and use the free return label. Once we receive confirmation that your package has been received by the post office, we will send you your new items.

What if I want to curate my own box with item's I've seen online or on JL+KO's social media?

A: You can curate to your heart's desire! Simply select your collective then in the box where it asks for your "Absolutely No's + Must Have's" let us know what item(s) you are definitely wanting to see in your collective.

If I sign up for the subscription, can I change up which collective I receive each time?

A: Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. This way you get the best of both worlds and will have a well rounded clothing + accessory collection.

In the Gift Box Collective, can I put in a request for certain items?

A: Yes! Any and all input is always welcome. Feel free to give us as much or as little guidance as you would like.

How many items will come in my Edit Collective box?

A: Great question! You will receive anywhere from 3-5 items depending on your price range. Remember, if you keep all items, you get 25% off your entire collective!

When will my credit card be charged?

A: You have a 3 day try on period from the time you receive your Edit Collective. If we don't receive notice that you have shipped your items back on the 4th day, your credit card will automatically be charged. Remember, your $20 styling fee will be deducted from this total and if you keep all the contents you will also receive an extra 25% off!!

What is the styling fee for?

A: This small $20 fee is simply for the time it takes me to personalize this box. Remember this isn't a computer generated styling box service, this is personalized. I hand pick out every single item that goes in your Edit Collective. PLUS the $20 styling fee is credited back to you when you purchase your items.