JL+KO (Jenifer Lyn and K(c)ompany) was a longtime dream and vision for the founder, Jenifer Lyn.  Jenifer wanted to offer something unique to the quaint setting of Missoula, Montana. She knew there were three elements that were needed in order to turn her vision into a reality; gorgeous design, authentic atmosphere, and a well curated selection of clothing lines.

Jenifer (along with an anonymous designer) set out to create the most artistically beautiful clothing boutique in Missoula.  However, the design alone was not going to be enough. JL+KO also wanted to provide an authentic environment where customers felt more like they were walking in to meet up with a friend rather than a stale retail store environment. Jenifer has always held relationships in high regard and truly believes in building authentic relationships with those around her. The third and final piece was curating a selection of clothing lines that would make every woman and man; regardless of shape, age, or budget, able to find items that would help them to feel their absolute best. 

By combining the visual design concept with the authentic piece and topping it off with the best handpicked clothing selections in Missoula, Jenifer has made her dream into a reality. At JL+KO you can be assured you will find everything you are looking for; from denim to dresses, candles to fragrances, jewelry to bags. It’s all in one convenient downtown location that JL+KO feels incredibly fortunate to be a part of.